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AYT is where thoughts and concepts are nurtured and developed into fully-formed ideas. It's a period of allowing for innovation and problem-solving.

Idea incubation is a process for bringing ideas into reality. It starts on a very fundamental level, often with a single individual who comes up with a concept he or she thinks should be further explored. Ultimately, the idea may be turned into a product, assuming that funding can be secured and that the idea is commercially viable.

Cooperative groups work best for incubation because other members of the group can identify strengths and weaknesses of the idea, resulting in a stronger finished product.

Idea incubation may involve a simple problem and an innovative solution, or a complex problem requiring creative effort by several individuals. If the incubation process is successful, an entrepreneur can present a larger company with a concrete concept, resulting in increased funding to develop it.


As the idea becomes stronger, it is introduced to a wider group. This allows incomplete ideas to be more thoroughly fleshed out before being promoted, which means that ideas are less likely to be ignored and allowed to fall through the cracks. It also means that as an idea gains momentum, the growing group of individuals associated with it can contribute to the concept.

To foster idea incubation, an open environment is needed. The free exchange of information, use of conflict as a development tool, and equality between idea incubators allow companies to come up with innovative product concepts. Teams are encouraged to take risks and think outside the box.

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